Rules for exchange

Rules for exchange from foreign to Danish driving license

If you have been ordinarily resident in Denmark and have a driving license that hasn´t been issued in an EU-/EEA-land or the Faroe Island, you must have to exchange your foreign license within 90days, if you still want to drive a motor vehicle in Denmark.
During the period of 90 days, you are only allowed to drive in Denmark, if you foreign driving license issued in Latin letters, or is accompanied by a translation into Danish, English or French. The translation must done by a public authority organization in the country.


Following must bring to the driving school:

A medical certificate issued by your own doctor.
A photograph (color or black/white): The image must be shot from the front, and other details must be place before the municipality may approve an image to the license.
Your driver´s license
Valid passport
If you are not Danish or Nordic citizen, you must bring your current residence (or residence permit, if you are an EU citizen)

​If the municipality thinks it necessary, to obtained a translation of the license from the applicant. A translation will generally be necessary, unless the license text is printed in English, or there is a license from EU- or an EEA country.

The translation must be done by a translator or a translator approved by the State Police. If you do not have a valid passport you must bring your original baptism-, name-. or birth certificate and photo ID.


Driving test

Conversion/exchange of a foreign to a Danish license requires that you have to pass a driving test (theory and practical test).

However, there is no requirement of driving test for exchange license issued in the Australian Capital Territory, Brazil, Japan, Chinese Taipei(Taiwan), a Republican of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Ukraine or Switzerland.

Driving School Down Town provides teaching in various languages including German and English. In addition, we can also provide teaching in other languages with translator.

You are always welcome to contact the driving school for further information.

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